Dunkin to the summer with Dunkin’s new goodies!

Coolattas, signature lattes and breakfast bowls- OH MY!

Dunkin Donuts is now serving up some new goodies in restaurants near you!

Dunkin’s Cosmic Coolattas are here just in time for summer! For a limited time, these new flavorful slushies can cool off any hot day. Check out the flavors:

  • Cosmic Grape
  • Cosmic Pineapple
  • Cosmic Strawberry

The Cosmic Grape Coolatta is made with layers of grape and blue raspberry slushies. The Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta, which mixes pineapple and blue raspberry slushies, and last but certainly not least is the Cosmic Strawberry Coolatta. It blends strawberry and blue raspberry flavors.

New Signature Latte flavors include blueberry crisp, caramel craze and cocoa mocha!

Blueberry Crisp features blueberry and caramel flavors with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and cinnamon sugar on top.

Guess what’s in Caramel Craze? If you said caramel in the latte and a caramel drizzle on the whipped cream, you would be correct. They also sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar.

The Cocoa Mocha naturally contains a mocha flavor and on top of the whipped cream is a mocha drizzle and hot chocolate powder.


Dunkin’ Bowls

It’s not always easy to make better decisions while eating on the run. Dunkin’ is here to help!  New Dunkin’ Bowls are available at participating locations nationwide for a limited time. There are two different bowls, sausage scramble bowl and egg white bowl!

The Egg White Bowl is made with egg whites, spinach, roasted potatoes, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions and delivers 14 grams of lean protein and 250 calories.

The Sausage Scramble Bowl is made with scrambled eggs, sausage, melted cheddar jack cheese, peppers and onions, with 21 grams of protein and 450 calories.










We had to head over to central Mississippi’s ONLY Dunkin Donuts to give these goodies a taste! Check out our goofy video below:




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