Dairy Queen now serving Blizzard flights!

Get your blizzard on this summer and celebrate because you no longer have to agonize over picking just one flavor!

Cool down your summer with a Blizzard (or three) from Dairy Queen! The blizzard king released a new way to grab some of their most-loved treats.

The new Dairy Queen Blizzard flight gives you a taste of THREE flavors of your choice, including some new summer flavors: caramel cannonball, Oreo cookie jar, brownie dough, s’mores, summer berry cheesecake and cotton candy!

Each flight is served on a cardboard tray with three mini Blizzards of your choice!

This sweet flight treat is available in local Dairy Queens now until the end of May, but the six new flavors will be in stores all summer long!


The big question is, do you think they flip the whole tray before handing it to you?

To find a Dairy Queen near you, click HERE!