Two Co-Lin students sing their way to free Zaxby’s chicken and into everyone’s hearts

Two Co-Lin students took their love of Zaxby’s chicken to a whole new level Sunday night.Zaxby's campout

Zaxby’s celebrated the grand opening of their Brookhaven location Monday morning with a year full of giveaways to the first 100 customers.

18-year-old Jon Taylor Thames and 20-year-old Fisher Warren took the opportunity to show their dedication to the Southeast favorite for chicken fingers and wings by camping out so they would be the very first ones in line.

“It started as a joke,” said Fisher Warren. “We never intended it to get this big.”

Fisher says he originally saw the store was having a grand opening with giveaways on Twitter and posted asking if anyone wanted to camp out.

Jon Taylor immediately replied that he was in.

“It’s crazy,” said Jon Taylor Thames. “We didn’t expect it to blow up.”

With a tent, sleeping bag, chairs and their guitar, the pair filled their time on Super Bowl Sunday with music, singing an original song — inspired by Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire — on Facebook Live.

Zaxby's campout

As of Monday afternoon, the video has gone viral with over 20,000 views and 400 plus shares. Thames and Warren said they didn’t really intend to stay out the entire night, but when they saw their video reach over 6,000 views in under an hour, they knew what they had to do.

Managers from the Brookhaven location showed up and offered Thames and Warren free drinks and even brought the two pizza and sodas to help them through the night. The duo apologized to their teachers for missing Monday morning class, but how often does the opportunity for a year of free chicken come along?

They were the very first customers at the restaurant and were given a Zaxby’s Deck of 52 Dealz, which included coupons for free menu items every week of the year.


Posted by Jon Taylor Thames on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Thames and Warren have been friends for over five years and they say their friends aren’t surprised by their shenanigans.

“Everyone’s cracked up at it. They aren’t surprised and think it’s funny,” said Jon Taylor “My phone has been blowing up since.”

The Brookhaven location of Zaxby’s did respond to their video saying:

“When spending the night in line isn’t enough, you write a song to show even more Zaxby’s love. Thanks for the tunes!”

So what are they going to do with their newfound fame?

They aren’t quite sure yet but for now, they are going to get some sleep.