Christmas Lights from the Sky: Geminid Meteor Shower 2018

Coming to a sky near you- Christmas lights in the sky with the Geminid meteor shower!

According to NASA, the shower will peak the night of December 13 into the 14th. The shower will rain down as early as 9-10 p.m., but the peak will not come until around 2 a.m..

Mississippi and the Geminids have a special relationship because the first observation records of it were in 1833 from a boat drifting along the Mississippi River.

Check out WLBT’s First Alert Weather page for all the updates you need!

So which way do I look? Experts from¬†share that the meteors will appear all over the sky, but to look slightly away from Gemini so you can see meteors as they go by. As far as finding Gemini- take a look towards the southwestern sky for the constellation Orion (Orion’s belt makes it easy to spot with three stars aligned next to one another). So pretty much find the “belt” and keep an eye all around it!

Tips and tricks to watching meteor showers:

  • Get far away from the lights of cities and towns- get there early and start staring at the dark sky because your eyes take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to get adjusted to the dark

  • Dress accordingly and bring a jacket if weather calls for one- jackets, hats and blankets are needed for this weekend!

  • Bring a blanket or lawn chair to plop down on for the next few hours

  • Probably most importantly- pack a lot of patience!


Before you head out check the weather here!