Campell’s Bakery pastry chef, Mitchell Moore, creates educational Facebook page

Campell’s Bakery owner and pastry chef, Mitchell Moore created a Facebook page amidst Corona shut-down for all things cooking and baking.

The GetOutOfMyKitchen page on Facebook was created after Moore received an overwhelming amount of requests to his personal page to see what he

was cooking up.

The page has videos of Moore whipping up sourdough bread, cinnamon rolls, gravy and more!

“I’m going to take people basically to culinary school. They’re going to learn the basics of cooking everything from sauces to breads and pasta as well as meats and vegetables.”

His goal is to break-down everything, so you really learn and understand what is going on when you are cooking.

“I am also going to demystify all of those things so people understand it, not just follow a recipe.”

Campbell’s Bakery is a Jackson staple. The bakery now has two locations, Fondren and Madison and also Campbell’s Craft donut shop in Belhaven.

Louis Campbell opened the bakery in 1962, and after a few owners and re-openings, Mitchell Moore purchased the bakery. March 23rd of 2011, Moore re-opened the bakery with original recipes and a vow to never make anything from a box mix.

As of now the bakery and donut shops are closed. But, the bakery is taking cake and cookie orders curbside Monday- Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, and the craft donut shop has a pop-up shop Friday-Sunday.

To make orders call:

  • Bakery: (601) 362-4628
  • Donut shop: (601) 292-7555

You can find the menu for the pop-up shop each day on the Craft Donut’s Facebook page!