‘Before I Die’ mural in downtown Jackson

Chang hopes that the use of public space for this project will bring people together. The mural is open to the public at the Arts Center on Monday thru Saturday from 10-5

What started as a single small project painted on an abandoned house in New Orleans has transformed into a global public art project in over 5000 cities and 75 countries around the world.. The “Before I Die” Mural is a community art project where all are invited to come and write what they hope to do before they die.

This wall is full of hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions from kids, adults and even Mayor Lumumba

Candy Chang, the artist and mastermind behind this worldwide urban art project shares, “It’s all about restoring perspective with the people around us- restoring perspective with our neighbors and learning so much from each other as we try to make sense of our lives”.

You can find the mural at the Arts Center in downtown Jackson.